Reluctant to re-engage with the world?

If easing out of lockdown feels as big a transition as having lockdown imposed on you in the first place, this meditation is for you.

Take a few quiet moments to bring all that you are feeling before God and find peace for your thoughts.   Accept His invitation to carry you, as a shepherd carries a lamb.

A short meditation followed by Jill Hoffmann's song, 'Carry Me'.



Unexpectedly tearful?

Many people are finding themselves unexpectedly emotional in these days.

Our world has been thoroughly shaken up and this is hardly surprising.  But the waves of emotion that hit from time to time can throw us wildly off balance.

Let this short, reflective meditation help you to process those emotions and take you to a place of peace.


Feeling overwhelmed?

There are so many challenges; so many hard things to and cope with, so many things that don't feel 'normal' during this pandemic.

And that's hard. It can be overwhelming.  

And sometimes we just need a bit of mental space from all that's weighing us down.

If that's you, take a few minutes to be still: recapture your sanity and peace with this gentle, restorative meditation.


Difficulty sleeping ..

Our minds can be full of so many tensions during this season that many are finding it quite hard to settle into sleep.

If that's you, settle into your bed, and try this ...

Let this short meditation, focusing on the promises of God, lull you into deep sleep.

Receiving the Gift of Peace

When the disciples were in 'lockdown' - grieving, afraid, unsure of a way through - the Risen Jesus made a special visit to them to assure them of His presence and to bring them His peace.

He can do the same for you.

Let this meditation help you encounter Jesus in the same way, amid the uncertainties and anxieties of lockdown.

Weary? Tired? Feeling burdened?

Many of us are weary in this 'pandemic season'.  There are so many changes, so many fears, so much to cope with   …   and it can feel exhausting.

Jesus said,
"Come to me, all you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, 
  And I will give you rest".

Let yourself respond to that invitation through this meditation.

Letting Go of Fear

The coronavirus crisis stirs many worries and fears in all of us.

Into a situation where the disciples were immensely afraid, Jesus brought His extraordinary peace.

Let Him help you to find peace by meditating on that story.